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A Taste of The 70s At Milroy’s

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Posted February 17, 2017 by

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Behind the wardrobe. Through the looking glass. Into the blue box. If life has taught us anything it’s that exciting things happen when you step out of the ordinary.

This week, Milroy’s of Soho played host to an exclusive event to mark the DVD release of Quarry HBO’s latest must-watch show. And, fittingly, access was behind the bookshelf and into The Vault – a hidden bar that stretches beneath Greek Street.

Milroy’s is London’s oldest whisky shop, boasting a store, a ground floor bar, and over 250 whiskies from around the world to sample and buy. But it’s in The Vault that things get cozy and interesting.

Milroy’s run regular tasting events and to celebrate Quarry, the staff laid on an evening dedicated to the sort of whiskies, whiskeys and bourbons that Mac Conway (played in the show by Logan Marshall-Green), and his pals might have enjoyed circa 1975.

Whisky cocktails, single malts, and blends from locations as varied as Taiwan to the Highlands were all sampled – along with some impressive rarities.

Blues, bourbon and gritty tales of down-at-heel heroes are a natural fit. Expect sales of sour mash to soar when Quarry Season 1 comes to blu-ray and DVD on 17th February.

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