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Akira Live-Action Is Back On

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Posted August 2, 2013 by

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Akira, the 1988 Japanese animation based on the popular Manga comic, has long been calling out for a live-action version.  For years the film has been in and out of development and now it seems, once again, that Warner Bros. are looking to take another shot at finally getting it made.  Jaume Collet-Serra, the director behind Unknown, was the last director to try and bring the film to life and it seems, despite them shutting it down last time due to spiralling budget costs, Warners liked his ideas and have once again hired him to put the film back on screen.  Collet-Serra has other projects he has to deal with first having recently finished Non-Stop with Unknown star Liam Neeson, he’s currently about to start work on Run All Night with, that’s right, Liam Neeson, Joel Kinnaman and Ed Harris.  Collet-Serra’s ideas, and indeed a trimming of the production costs, are obviously an appeal to Warners as it seems they’re willing to wait till he is ready to turn his attention to all things Akira.  The story of Akira sees a failed military project transform a young biker gang member into a rampaging telekinetic killer and the only people who can stop him are his former gang members.  Source – Variety 

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