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Amber Heard To Go Femme Fatale In London Fields

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Posted September 10, 2013 by

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Amber Heard, soon to be seen opposite Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford in Paranoia, is set to star in the adaptation of Martin Amis’ London Fields.  Amis himself has adapted his own work which will be directed by advert director Matthew Cullen.  The story follows Heard as Nicola, a woman of extreme beauty and with clairvoyant abilities, who sets out to fulfil the destiny of her own murder.  Embroiled in her plot is a terminally ill writer, to be played by Billy Bob Thornton, a street hustler, which Jim Sturgess will play, and a down on his luck banker to be played by Theo James.  Thornton’s writer will write the book upon which Nicola’s death will be based but only she knows who has what role to play in the deadly game.   The film is already in production in London with the aim of releasing next year.  Before she gets her fatale on Heard will be seen opposite Kevin Costner in Three Days To Kill as well as Machete Kills (it seems titles with the word ‘Kill’ are catnip to Heard) before heading to Germany with Zac Efron in Autobahn.  Source – Deadline

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