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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt To Star Together Again

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Posted July 21, 2014 by

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It’s been a long time since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt starred opposite each other in anything other than real life, nine years to be precise with Mr. And Mrs. Smith. But that is all about to change with news that Jolie is about to direct and star in By The Sea and has convinced Pitt to star alongside her. Jolie has recently said she wants to focus more and more on her directorial career but Universal will be fully aware of the box office power both she and Pitt bring to a project so it seems directing and starring is all part of the same package. Little is known about By The Sea other than it is being called an “intimate character-driven drama” by CNN. So it’s unlikely to see Jolie and Pitt blowing up houses and shooting bad guys this time out. Before all that Jolie has the small matter of her next project Unbroken which tells the true story of Olympic runner Louis Zamperini who was captured and became a Japanese POW during World War II. The film is already generating potential award buzz. Pitt meanwhile has David Ayer’s Word War II tank drama Fury set for release later this year. Source – CNN

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