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Choose Your Own Adventure Movie?

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Posted June 12, 2013 by

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Choose Your Own Adventure Books, a series of books created in the 1980s which allowed readers to decide the fate of the protagonist, is looking likely to get a film outing.  20th Century Fox are in negotiations to buy the rights to the line of books which would allow them to adapt them across multiple platforms.  Originally created by Edward Packard, the books failed to launch until he teamed with R.A. Montgomery in 1975 with moderate success.  But when the pair, who also wrote many of the early stories, teamed with Bantam Books in the late ‘70s the books took off publishing over 180 titles and selling over 250 million copies worldwide.  The stories have been the subject of Hollywood bidding for some time with Nicole Kidman at one point, when she had a producing deal at Fox, looking to secure the rights.  Producer John Davis, whose credits include Predator, I Robot and last year’s Chronicle, has been trying to acquire the rights for a couple of years and will produce the films with Fox.  Quite how such a multiple ending story will work on the big screen is anyone’s guess right now.  Either we’ll see the future of interactive cinema or the writers will simply chose their own stories from the titles on offer and adapt that.  Source – The Hollywood Reporter 

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