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Could Fast & Furious 8 Head To New York?

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Posted April 1, 2015 by

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The seventh film in the franchise isn’t even out in cinemas yet but while out promoting the film star Vin Diesel hinted that Fast & Furious 8 could head to New York.  Talking to Jimmy Kimmel Diesel said that he has plans to set the next film in the Fast franchise in The Big Apple and insists that Kurt Russell’s character could play a pivotal role.

Diesel said “I always think of these films, multiple pictures in advance, I think of them as trilogies. So Kurt Russell came into this movie but he was really hired because of a story that follows this and takes place in New York. It’s some cool stuff that not everybody knows.”

Early signs suggest that Fast & Furious 7, which marks the final appearance of Paul Walker who tragically died while making the film, will be a box office hit meaning an 8th film in the franchise is certainly on the cards.  It would of course mean getting the band back together or as Diesel referred to many of them “The Bronx Baldies” due to the fact that  many of the stars sport no hair; Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson and Diesel being the main dome-chrome gang.

Fast & Furious 7 hits screens this weekend and you can read our review HERE, full warning; bring a tissue it gets a little emotional towards the end.

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