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Could Hellboy Return For More?

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Posted July 1, 2013 by

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Ron Perlman, the man who has worked with Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro no less than fives times including the upcoming Pacific Rim, wants to make a Hellboy 3.  Talking to Empire about Pacific Rim, Perlman said that after Hellboy 2 he could not see himself wanting to appear in another Hellboy film.  But that was back in 2008 and it seems Perlman is beginning to miss the old red-skinned devil and believes that he and del Toro owe it to the fans to finish the story they set out to tell.  Perlman told Empire “I realised we had asked the fans to invest so much in this saga, and the saga really is all about how it resolves, because this force has been summoned into the universe and the oracle says…that he’s going to destroy the Earth”.  Often when you hear actors talking about returning to roles it’s because you suspect they want the pay cheque but with Perlman and Hellboy you genuinely think this is a project he feels passionately about and he’s right to point out that the story still has unresolved issues.  Later, speaking to Shock Till You Drop about Pacific Rim, Perlman suggested that Pacific Rim production company Legendary Pictures would be the perfect place for del Toro to make Hellboy 3 due to them letting him follow his very outlandish vision.  So, do you want to see more Hellboy?  Given his comic book origins now is clearly the time to strike while the appetite for smart-mouthed superheroes is popular.  Source – Empire & Shock Till You Drop 

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