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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Heading To Baywatch

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Posted October 3, 2014 by

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He’s been known as ‘franchise viagra’ for his ability to get properties up and juiced and it seems his legend hasn’t gone unnoticed over at Paramount.  Because for years the studio have tried to get a Baywatch movie off the ground and the news now is they’ve attached none other than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to star in the film.  The actor himself seemed to confirm this on his Instagram account when he wrote: “Rumours are true… we’re making #BAYWATCH the movie.  Edgy, raunchy and hopefully, funny as all hell”.

That last part is crucial as it seems, like recent re-boots of TV shows such as 21 Jump Street, the film incarnation will not be taking the property too seriously.  That theory is further supported by word that Horrible Bosses 2 duo Sean Anders and John Morris have been hired to direct and produce.

The TV show was something of a cult hit in the ’90s and allowed the former Knight Rider David Hasselhoff another moment in the spotlight.  It also gave birth to slow-mo running on a beach in red swim-wear.  Given the humorous angle the film seems to be heading down it’s surly inevitable that the likes of The Hoff and Pamela Anderson will make cameos.

So what do you think?  Are you psyched to see The Rock running around in red shorts in slow-motion saving people from the perils of the Californian coast?  Before that we’ll see Johnson in Fast & Furious 7, disaster movie San Andreas, Marvel’s Shazam! and Journey 3: From The Earth To The Moon.  Although quite what order these will all be released in is anyone’s guess.  Source – The Hollywood Reporter & Dwayne Johnson via Instagram 

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