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Efron & Heard Head To Autobahn

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Posted May 17, 2013 by

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Zac Efron and Amber Heard, two of Hollywood’s most pretty to look at stars last seen in The Paperboy and The Rum Diary respectively, are heading to Germany to star in Autobahn.  Shifty director Eran Creevy is calling the shots on this having proven this year with Welcome To The Punch he is more than adept at handling stunningly visual action.  The film will see Efron as a backpacker, heading through Germany, who is caught up in a scam with some Turks, when they turn on him he must try and evade them round the streets of Munich and rescue his girlfriend, to be played by Heard, before the bad guys get to her.  Heard has a little experience behind the wheel having starred opposite Nicolas Cage in Drive Angry so she’ll come in handy when it comes to a bit of getaway driving.  The project has been stuck in development traffic for a while with Ghost Rider director Mark Steven Johnson at one point set to direct.  It now seems to have found it’s way off the M25 of difficulty and with The Numbers Station writer F. Scott Frazier re-drafting the script with Creevy the project is set to shoot in Germany this autumn.  Efron will next be seen in Parkland and Are We Officially Dating?, while Heard has Paranoia opposite Harrison Ford and Three Days To Kill with Kevin Costner.  Source – The Wrap  

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