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Enya’s Picture Disc Gift To LOTR Fans

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Posted November 25, 2021 by

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Hard as it is to believe, it’s been 20 years since Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings film trilogy was released. To celebrate that milestone, Rhino is releasing a 12” picture disc that includes May It Be, the critically acclaimed, iconic single that Enya recorded for the film’s original soundtrack. 

Adored by fans and critics alike, May It Be was written by Enya, with her longtime producer/arranger Nicky Ryan and her lyricist, Roma Ryan.

It would go on to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song; a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song; and a Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media.

The new picture disc release features May It Be, on Side A, plus two additional songs, on Side B, which make their vinyl debut. 

The First Of Autumn is a haunting instrumental track that first appeared on the original studio album back in 2002. The other track, Isobella, is a genuine rarity which was  previously only issued on the Japanese edition of A Day Without Rain—Enya’s fifth studio album, and one of the best-selling new-age album of all time.

May It Be is released on December 3rd— just in time for Christmas—and is available to pre-order now at 

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