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Friday Night Lights Could Return To Big Screen

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Posted May 16, 2013 by

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Friday Night Lights, the book by Buzz Bissinger that became a film starring Billy Bob Thornton which then became a TV show produced by the film’s director Peter Berg is potentially becoming a film.  Confused?  It seems super producer Brian Grazer, who produces numerous TV shows including 24 and Arrested Development, is looking into bringing Friday Night Lights back to the bring screen with the cast of the TV show.

The show, which changed the cast from the 2004, ran for five successful seasons.  The show starred Kyle Chandler as Eric Taylor, the head coach of Dillion High School’s Panther football team.  Along with his wife, played by Nashville’s Connie Britton, the show explored the pressures on the coach and the players to live up to the expectations the locals put on them.  It launched the careers of young stars such as John Carter’s Taylor Kistch, Chronicle’s Michael B. Jordan and G.I. Joe Retaliation’s Adrianne Palicki.

Deadline are suggesting that Grazer is looking to follow the Veronica Mars and Zach Braff route and use Kickstarter to help fund the project which is likely to spark controversy given Grazer’s massive pull in Hollywood.  Both Britton and Palicki have stated they would love to be involved in a film of FNL while Chandler has expressed apprehension believing that the show wrapped up the story well.  However, creator Peter Berg is apparently anxious to see the original cast return to screens.  So Friday Night Light fans, do you want to see more of Coach Taylor?  We’ll leave you with this; “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!”.  Source – Deadline 

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