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Guardians Of The Galaxy Recruit Glenn Close

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Posted May 30, 2013 by

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Guardians Of The Galaxy, the latest venture from Marvel, is continuing the studio’s tradition of outside the box casting by lining up Glenn Close to play a leading member of the intergalactic Nova Corp.  In the comic incarnation of Guardians the Nova Corp is essentially a group of space police, think the Marvel equivalent of DC’s Green Lantern Corp, who protect the galaxy.  While it hasn’t been announced who Close will play it’s suggested she could be the head of the Corp making her Centurion Nova Prime.  Originally the Corp are powered by the Nova Force, a massive power source, created by the living computer Xandarian Worldmind which projects its power according to the rank of the Corp member.  It’s unclear whether this will feature in the film version but either way it seems Close will be the big boss with rumoured cast member John C. Reilly sharing scenes with her.  The rest of the cast will be filled out by Chris Prat, Dave Bautista, Michael Rooker, Ophelia Lovibond, Lee Pace and the still yet to sign an official deal Zoe Saldana.  The story sees a pilot who finds himself involved in a conflict in space and ends up joining the mismatched crew that is The Guardians Of The Galaxy.  Super and Slither director James Gunn is directing the film with production set to start in the UK next month in time for an August 2014 release.  Source – Deadline 

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