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Could Harrison Ford Return To Indiana Jones?

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Posted October 11, 2013 by

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Harrison Ford, currently out promoting his latest film Ender’s Game, is becoming more and more open to returning to some of his most successful roles.  What with rumours still rife that he could return as Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise, and yesterday news coming out that he would indeed consider returning as Richard Deckard for Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner 2, it now seems he’d also happily don the whip and fedora for another Indiana Jones.

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, Ford said that there is “…no barrier to Indiana Jones being an old fart” and that he would return to the role “in a New York minute”.  Indiana Jones creator and producer George Lucas said back in 2011 that there was a story in place for a fifth Indiana Jones film and that a MacGuffin (a plot device, coined by Hitchcock, that drives the story forward ie The Ark Of The Covenant) had been chosen.  Although the last Indiana Jones film, The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skulls, was a less than satisfying Indiana Jones adventure there’s always room for one more crack of the whip to right those wrongs.  Before all that Ford will be seen opposite the likes of Will Farrell and Paul Rudd for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.  Source – The Metro 

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