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How To Win Best Actor

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Posted February 26, 2016 by

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Ahead of the Oscars this weekend, the team at bookmakers Bwin has undertaken research to predict who will win the highly anticipated ‘Best Actor’ statue – and it seems Leo is set to miss out again.

Having looked into what it has taken for other actors to win the award in the 21st Century – such as the nature of the role/film and their nationality – the team at Bwin feel that they can predict who will come out victorious in this years awards – and its not Leo! In fact, the findings suggest that Michael Fassbender’s role as Steve Jobs ticks all of the boxes required to claim the coveted Oscar statue.

Here’s the math:

•Be a saint not a sinner – 73% of the winners since 2000 have played good guys

•Be a real person – 60% of winners since 2000 have won with a biopic

•Don’t be in with a shout for Best Film – only 20% of winners have also won Best Film

•Don’t be American – sorry Leo but only one of the last five winners has been an American.

Check out the infographic here for all the nitty gritty.,98916.html

Thanks to Bwin for images and research.

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