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James Spader Cast As Ultron For Avengers Sequel

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Posted August 29, 2013 by

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James Spader, that actor last seen in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, has been cast to play the big bad, Ultron in Avengers: Age Of Ultron.  Ultron, in the comics, is a renegade robot hell-bent on destroying humanity and was created by Hank Pym aka Ant-Man but with him not being present in the film it’s likely that Ultron’s back-story will be retconned to fit in with the Marvel’s movie-verse.  Some theories have it that Tony Stark will be the man responsible for bringing one of the Avengers’ most feared enemies to life and still deeper conspiracy theories speculate that it could be he evolves from Stark’s seasoned assistant AI Jarvis.  With Ultron being a robot it’s unclear if Spader will be seen in a costume or if he will simply perform motion-capture for the character.  Either way we won’t be seeing his face, at least not if writer-director Joss Whedon sticks to cannon.  Before he takes on the Avengers, Spader will next be seen in Tommy Lee Jones’ The Homesman.  Source – Marvel 

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