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Could McConaughey Take The Stand?

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Clearly in hot demand after his Oscar win for Dallas Buyers Club, not to mention a potential Emmy for True Detective, Matthew McConaughey is being eyed for a key role in Warner Bros.’ adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand.  While no formal offer has been made The Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone apparently has McConaughey earmarked for a role in the sprawling epic.  But it’s perhaps not the most obvious role for McConaughey which may seem his interest peaked given his more recent career choices.

The Stand tells the story of a world broken by a virus that has wiped out most of humanity.  What is left are two factions, a good and bad.  As these factions are slowly gathered together by unseen forces they will face off against each other to fight it out for the remaining souls on earth.  The bad side is led by one Randal Flagg, a devil-like man who has all manner of dark powers at his disposal.  It is Flagg that Boone apparently wants McConaughey to play.  Given his brilliant evil portrayal in Killer Joe it’s not a stretch that McConaughey could play the Devil with huge charisma.  The Stand has been adapted before as a TV mini-series back in 1994 and, while that show doesn’t do King’s source material justice, it would seem TV is a better fit to a doorstop of a book that takes in multiple characters over many years.

Of course McConaughey is not short of offers and is also wanted by Traffic writer Stephen Gaghan for his next project Gold which tells the true story of a mining company and their dodgy dealings with the titular metal.  McConaughey is also said to be circling CIA drama The Company Man so his slate is very much full.  Before that we’ll next see him in Christopher Nolan‘s Interstellar before he stars for Gus Van Sant in Sea Of Trees.
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