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Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Go Gritty

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Posted February 26, 2015 by

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Remember The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers from your childhood?  You know, those multi-coloured costumed heroes jumping around doing high-kicks before banding together to make a giant robot to fight monsters?  Well, they’ve gone gritty and dark, as you can see in the fan made film below.  But it might not last.  Because while the film, which stars former Dawson’s Creek star James Der Beek and Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff, was made with love, and no small amount of cash by music video director Joseph Kahnit looks like forces of evil are trying to stop the Morphing Time.

Original show producer Haim Saban is trying to shut it down.  He’s already got the fan film removed from Vimeo and is now trying to get it off YouTube despite if giving new life to the franchise to the tune of 7.5 million views.

Kahn said he just wanted to make the Rangers good for once, talking to Deadline he said “I took the silliest property I could think of and tried to see if I could make it serious enough” – and it really works as you’ll see below.  He later tweeted that he didn’t start a KickStarter campaign to get the project made because he’d “rather see you give your money to cancer research. Or your mom. She’s awesome. Help her.” – bless. Anyway, best watch it soon before it gets pulled, it’s worth 15 minutes of your time. Source – Deadline 

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