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Posted May 29, 2015 by

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Launching today Fox have come up with a  great little app that allows users to get their hands on a film of the day at a hugely reduced cost of up to 70% off.  The Movie of the Day app is loaded with content, allowing fans to easily view video clips, read the synopsis, see cast and crew information and even read reviews of each film.  Once ready to purchase a film, users simply click once in the app using their iTunes account and the film is added to their iTunes library.

With the increased presence of films being watched online rather than via the out-dated formats of DVD this is the kind of app that allows film lovers and collectors to build their online collection at a greatly reduced cost.

Available for download for free in the app store, the Movie of the Day app will kick off the daily flash sales today with the megahit X-Men: First Class, available for purchase on Digital HD for £5.99. Each and every day a new or classic movie will be available for purchase for a low price. The app is powered by the storefront management tools built by Premiere Digital.





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