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#ReelNews Star Trek, Radcliffe & Pinocchio

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In this weeks #ReelNews we get our Star Trek on, see what Daniel Radcliffe is up to and let no strings hold us down with Pinocchio.

A double whammy for the third in the franchise of rebooted Star Trek films this week as director Justin Lin confirmed via Twitter that the film will indeed be called Star Trek Beyond.  Little is known about the plot of the film other than what writer and star Simon Pegg has hinted at will see the crew of the USS Enterprise actually boldly going with more exploration than the previous two films. The second “whammy” as it were is news that stars Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine, aka Spock and Kirk, have both signed on to star in a fourth film in the franchise. Those wondering therefore if the pair will make it to the end of the third film alive can probably rest easy. Source – Justin Lin via Twitter

Daniel Radcliffe is no stranger to the weird and, umm, strange thanks to his days on Harry Potter but even his latest film makes the Boy Wizard look normal by comparison.  He’s joined Paul Dano and Mary Elizabeth Winstead to star in Swiss Army Man.  The film was developed at the Sundance Screen Lab by writers Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert and tells the story of a man lost in the wilderness who meets and befriends a dead body.  Yes, you read that right, a dead body.  There’s no word on whether this dead body will be re-animated, you know, like a zombie or something, or how Dano and Winstead will fit into the narrative but either way it’s an interesting premise. Before he dances with dead bodies Radcliffe will… deal with dead bodies opposite James McAvoy in Frankenstein before heading to Now You See Me: The Second Act.  Source – Deadline

Here’s something you wouldn’t expect the man behind Inherent Vice, The Master and There Will Be Blood to be involved with; Pinocchio.  But that’s the news as Paul Thomas Anderson has signed on to write a new draft of Robert Downey Jr‘s long gestating adaptation of Pinocchio.  The likes of Kick Ass’s Jane Goldman, Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller and The Giver’s Michael Mitnick have all had a crack at adapting Carlo Collodi‘s book but Downey Jr. who will play Geppetto once the script is finished, has not been content with anything so far, even having a crack at tweaking himself in recent months.  Downey Jr and PTA were meant to work together at one point on Inherent Vice but due to scheduling issues never did so this might mean the two friends finally get to bring some of their weird style to the screen. The Hollywood Reporter 

The film adaptation of the Hasbro game Monopoly (yes you read that right) has, for some time now, gone straight to jail, did not pass go and did not collect £200.  But it seems to have rolled a double with news that Gattaca writerAndrew Niccol has been hired to breath new life into the story.  The film  sees “a boy from Baltic Avenue (a square on the American version of the game), uses both Chance and Community in a quest to make his fortune, taking him on an adventure-filled journey. It’s about making your own luck, what makes you truly rich and avoiding jail time.”  For a long time Ridley Scott had been trying to make the film but he seems to have now departed as the rights to the game have been sold to The Hunger Games studio Lionsgate.  Source – The Hollywood Reporter

Mark Wahlberg, last seen cameoing in Entourage, is set to star in Mile 22.  The film, which is being produced and directed by Wahlberg’s current director on Deepwater Horizon, Peter Berg with the Raid star Iko Uwais and Entourage actress, and former UFC fighter, Ronda Rousey also on board to star.  The film will see Wahlberg as a CIA agent partnered with an Indonesian cop, in the form of Uwais, having to transport a compromised informant from a city centre to an air field, you guessed it, 22 miles away.  At this point it’s unclear how Rousey fits into things but while it might be easiest for her to be one of the transport team it would be great to see her as a villain trying to take down the two heroes.  Source – The Hollywood Reporter 

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