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Scarlett Johansson, last seen in Avengers Assemble and as Janet Leigh in Hitchcock, is in talks to star in Luc Besson’s action-thriller Lucy.  The film will see Johansson as the titular Lucy, a woman being used as a drugs mule.  But when the drugs find their way into her body it gives her all manner of super ability.  The once normal Lucy now posses physically enhanced abilities, is immune to pain, can absorb information instantly and has telepathic powers.  Clearly the South Park mantra of “Drugs are bad” doesn’t apply here.  Besson, who is no stranger to super-women having directed The Fifth Element, is writing and directing this one.  Johansson meanwhile is keeping hold of her personal trainer from the currently shooting Captain America: The Winter Soldier to keep her physically tuned.  Johansson will be seen later this year opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Don Jon before going all killer on us in Under The Skin.  Source – The Hollywood Reporter

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