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Timecop Winding Up For A Remake

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Posted May 23, 2013 by

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Timecop, which started as a Dark Horse comic book before becoming a 1994 movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and then getting a straight to DVD sequel before a short run as a TV series, is looking to get the remake treatment from Universal.  The story is set in the future of…2004 (that will have to change) where time travel has been created.  The problem is; nefarious types are travelling back in time to change the past in order to be rich in the future.  Enter Timecop Max Walker, a take no prisoners law enforcer whose job it is to travel to various time periods and stop the time crimes from happening.  It doesn’t look like Van Damme will be involved with the remake with Universal now taking pitches from writers to re-imagine the concept for a modern audience.  With countless films getting remade it seems that there won’t be any uproar about Timecop getting the reboot treatment but given Rian Johnson’s Looper of last year, in which criminal types sent people back in time to be killed, Timecop might need to come up with something impressive if it wants to compete on the time travel criminal stakes.  Source – The Hollywood Reporter

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