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Tom Hardy To Team With Takashi Miike?

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Posted June 7, 2013 by

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Tom Hardy and Takashi Miike, the star of The Dark Knight Rises and the director of Ichi The Killer, could team up for Miike’s English language debut The Outsider.  Joel Silver is producing from a script by Andrew Baldwin with Hardy already attached to star and Miike in negotiations to direct the film.  The story will see Hardy as an American GI in post World War II Japan who falls into the dark world of the Japanese Yakuza.  The film was previously set up at Warners, where Silver’s production company is based, but is now being financed independently.  Miike is a hugely popular cult director thanks to films such as Audition, Ichi and 13 Assassins, so it will be interesting to see how he fares with an English language film.  He’s currently working on two Japanese films but he’s always achieved quick turnarounds on his projects so The Outsider will look to shoot next year.  Hardy meanwhile is typically busy with a slew of projects he’s currently working on.  They include starring in an adaptation of Tom Rob Smith’s novel Child 44, he’ll also star opposite Noomi Rapace, who is also in Child 44, for Animal Rescue, is being linked to the role of Elton John in Rocketman but before all that we’ll next see him in  an iconic role with Mad Max: Fury Road.  Source – Deadline 

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