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Waltz Heading To Candy Store

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Posted May 15, 2013 by

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Christoph Waltz, the two-time Oscar winning actor of Quentin Tarantino double bill Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained, has joined the already impressive cast of Candy Store.  The film, from Oscar winning writer/director of Syriana Stephen Gagan, sees a former covert operative, to be played by Zero Dark Thirty’s Jason Clarke, returning to his home town of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, to discover the organisation he was fighting his whole career has set-up shop where he lives.  Teaming up with disgraced local cop Robert De Niro the pair’s investigation leads them to encounter a sex trader in the shape of Untouchable’s Omar Sy, a Cold War consigliere posing as a typical American suburbanite in the shape of Waltz, and a woman involved in the threat against Manhattan.  So from the Candy Land of Django Unchained to the Candy Store of New York, we can only assume Waltz has a sweet tooth (sorry).  Watlz, after this year’s Oscar success, is of course a man in demand and will next be heard in Epic before being seen in Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem and then heading to The Muppets….Again for the felty sequel.  Source – Lionsgate via Coming Soon 

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