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Revisiting The Equalizer

“Got a problem? Odds against you? Call the Equalizer: 212 555 4200.”

With the television reboot of The Equalizer starring Queen Latifah continuing its third series (with a greenlit fourth to follow) and Denzel Washington’s take on the character slated to return to the big screen in The Equalizer 3 later this year, 2023 is certainly a good time to be a fan of Michael Sloan and Richard Lindheim’s creation. 

Starting life as a CBS TV series in 1985 and running to ‘89, The Equalizer – in all its iterations – concerns a retired intelligence agent with a mysterious past, who uses the skills from his former career to exact justice on behalf of innocent people who find themselves in danger. Think of it as a one-person A-Team

The original series, starring the legendary Edward Woodward in the title role, remains one of the decade’s finest shows – even if it isn’t as well-known as the aforementioned Mr. T-starrer or some of the other more iconic works like Miami Vice or Magnum P.I.. Indeed, Universal had hoped for a crossover between Magnum and The Equalizer, but the vastly different tones of the shows meant it could never work.

 Across 88 episodes, The Equalizer saw Robert McCall (Woodward) in his trusty 1985 Jaguar XJ-6 as he helped clients and settled scores. Darker and certainly less cheesy than the decade’s usual fare, the series’ gritty New York setting and grisly tales mean the series feels far less dated than its contemporaries. From Stewart Copeland’s iconic theme and opening credits to each episode’s climax, the show holds up remarkably well today, and makes for a very enjoyable binge

Packed with recognisable guest stars from a then-8-year-old Macaulay Culkin to more renowned faces including John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, and disgraced Academy Award-winner Kevin Spacey, The Equalizer becomes an enjoyable exercise in spot-that-star. The list is a veritable who’s who of legends. Even Quentin Crisp makes an appearance.

Fabulous Films’ 24-disc boxset is a real feast for fans, boasting all 88 eps and some excellent bonus features including a brilliant retrospective documentary. The highlight of the UK set is that all original music is intact – something one cannot say about the US release. 

If you’ve never watched The Equalizer, you owe it to yourself to give it a go. Give him a call. He can help.


SYNOPSIS Your life or the life of a loved one is in danger and you don’t know where to turn for help anymore. Then your eyes catch a small newspaper ad: “Gotta problem? Odds against you? Call the Equalizer.” You call the number and a friendly, reassuring voice tells you where to meet him. Robert McCall (EDWARD WOODWARD) is THE EQUALIZER and he promises to even out the odds, in your favour… Stars Golden Globe® winner EDWARD WOODWARD as THE EQUALIZER. Original music score by STEWART COPELAND of THE POLICE.

EXTRAS Brand New Documentary (40 mins approx) ‘The Story of The Equalizer’ featuring interviews with William Zabka (Scott McCall), Keith Szarabjaka (Mickey Kostameyer), Coleman Luck (Co-Executive Producer) and Robert Eisele (Co-Supervising Producer). Stills Gallery, Episode Guide Booklet, Original Biographies

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