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Sci Fi Events 2011

The experienced Sci-fi fanatic will be well aware of a cult-fuelled few months stretching out until the festive season.

The experienced Sci-fi fanatic will be well aware of a
cult-fuelled few months stretching out until the festive season. But the allure
of A-listers doing superhero thing, the digital remastering of classic
childhood science fiction movies and a throng of new franchises has brought
forth a new eager wave of fanboys (and an increasing number of fangirls) whose
eyes are still yet to adjust to a separate world where the genre is embraced
not just as an interest but as a lifestyle. The Filmjuice Sci-fi guide aims to point you in the
right direction for conventions, meetings and festivals all over the country
for the remainder of 2011.

One of the leading events to pop in your proudly geekish
diary this season is SCI-Fi-London Oktoberfest in
Camden. This venturous programme has got everything to satisfy the needs of the
movie extremist, from Anime all-nighters to the 48 hour film challenge to a
host of honourably awful films commentated on by two robots and a grumpy man.
Sci-Fi London is on from the 7 – 9 of October, with
the full line up and details of tickets posted here.

Held more as a congregation of “like -minded” people, Oktoberfest
goes beyond the screens to prove that the genre isn’t just movies that spurred
the fanbase. There’s Sci-Fi cabaret for example, a night dedicated to comedy
crooners serenading trekkies with their near encyclopaedic knowledge, as well
as, notably, a Darth Vader burlesque performance from the aptly named Sophia
Disgrace. For those that want to see the latest in science fiction cinema,
there’s any number of screenings for viewers with an interest in doomsday
(Yoshihiro Nishimura’s HellDriver,) killer pandemics (the UK premiere of Nicolás Goldbart’s Phase 7)
and outer space civil war (William Eubank’s Angels and Airwaves Love.)

Do you sometimes wish you were a Jedi? Swung a long object
above your head making swooshing noises or spoken your sentences back end
first? Star Wars is present in the imaginations and everyday lifestyles of
thousands. This site
has listed almost all upcoming dates over the next year where you can meet cast
members of the Star Wars
franchise. Probably the most famous of the bunch,
R2D2’s inside man Kenny Barker will be at Autographica 17 in London from 14 – 16 October, and there’s any number of Ewoks and droids
popping up across the country to satisfy your hunger for the force.

Do you remember comic books, the primitive version of about
80% of Hollywood’s output today? Leeds does, and is holding the Thought Bubble Festival to prove it. With guests including Marvel and DC artist Tim Sale who
has worked on Spider Man, Hulk, Daredevil and Batman, Watchman collaborator
Dave Gibbons and Walking Dead illustrator Charlie Adlard. Thought Bubble takes
place between the 14th and 20th of November, with full
details posted on its official website.

With an impressive end to October, London is bracing itself
for Comic Con’s sub festival MCM Expo. An urban nerd nirvana, this convention
has got everything. For the small screen fans there is a throng of
Stargate/Torchwood types to meet and greet, and numerous stalls to satisfy all
your memorabilia needs. Japanese fans can partake in cosplay, a whole community
dedicated to dressing up as anime characters and well, playing. Comic village
again provides the opportunity to finds source material for an adaptation that
hasn’t been snapped up by the big studios yet, with panels and guest
appearances across the weekend. There are promo stands for upcoming films, shows
and games and films, and with around 125,000 showing up this is one of the
biggest insights into the cult community that you’re going to get this year.
Everything you want to know about the festival can be accessed from their
homepage, and the event begins on the 28 October.

These events are a great means of throwing yourself into Sci-Fi, but if this proves little overwhelming
for the beginner fan, there are any number of local events, regular meetings,
book clubs and even role play groups (nothing seedy, think World of War craft
but with actual people involved and obviously no bloodshed) to ease you

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