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Total Recall

What’s not to love about Total Recall? It has a screenplay by Dan O’Bannon (Alien), based the short story, “We can Remember it for you Wholesale”, by Philip K Dick. It has
November 23, 2020


Think about Arnie and the films that spring to mind are probably the big action blockbusters such as Predator, Terminator, and Commando. Yet, Arnie made more money from Twins than he did
October 9, 2020


Mystery Science Theater 3000 host Michael J. Nelson called Junior “the second-worst comedy ever made”. Famed film reviewer Roger Ebert disagreed, saying “I know this sounds odd, but Schwarzenegger is perfect for the role.
October 3, 2020

The Running Man

Whichever way you look at it, The Running Man is something of a curiosity. It’s a sci-fi film, written by an horror author—Stephen King. It’s an ‘80s Arnie blockbuster that looks like
June 23, 2020

Terminator: Dark Fate

More than two decades have passed since Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) prevented Judgment Day, changed the future, and re-wrote the fate of the human race. But now it seems that a darker
March 12, 2020

Red Heat

Ivan Danko (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a Russian cop sent to the US to extradite a vicious gangland drug-dealer (Ed O’Ross). But when Danko and his prisoner are ambushed by Viktor’s friends, the
October 10, 2019

Go Behind The Scenes With T2

As Terminator 2: Judgement Day arrives on UHD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, DVD & Digital download in December 4th, join us for an extended clip from the brand new behind-the-scenes documentary, that accompanies the release. The new clip from the T2:
December 1, 2017

The Man Behind The Films: Hollywood Banker

Frans Afman was independent cinema’s most high profile moneyman. He was behind 900 films and changed the way independent films were made. During the ‘80s and ‘90s he was responsible for financing
November 11, 2015
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