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#ReelNews Han Solo, Aunt May & Ghostbusters

This week’s #ReelNews includes Han Solo, Aunt May, Ghostbusters and so much more…. including Hello Kitty? We know we’re going to be getting a new Star Wars saga, we know we’re getting
July 10, 2015

Affleck And Fincher Together Again

Given the resounding brilliance of last year’s Gone Girl (it came in at No. 2 on FilmJuice’s Favourite Films of 2014 in case you were wondering which you can read HERE) it’s
January 14, 2015

Gone Girl

Gone Girl director David Fincher has always been a filmmaker who likes to plant dark thoughts in his audiences’ mind. Films that stay with you long after the credits have rolled and
September 26, 2014

Gone Girl

Gone Girl tells the story of Nick and Amy Dunne and how on one fateful afternoon Amy went missing making Nick the prime suspect in her disappearance.
August 26, 2014

Justice League Of America Movie Assembles

The Justice League Of America movie, the DC Comics superhero mash-up equivalent to Marvel’s Avengers, is finally happening.  With news that more and more characters from the DC Universe are joining Zack
April 28, 2014

Ben Affleck – Ten Of The Best

As Ben Affleck prepares to don the Bat Cowl for Zach Synder’s superhero mash-up, Batman Vs. Superman, many remain still skeptical about Affleck’s acting talent.  There’s no denying that 2003’s Daredevil looms
September 11, 2013
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