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Superman: Man Of Tomorrow

Superman: Man Of Tomorrow is the 41st film in DC’s ever-expanding animated universe movies series. And while the Superman origin-story is perhaps one we’re all a little too familiar with, this new outing has some welcome surpri...
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Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons

There was a period, in the mid-1990s, when villains suddenly became de rigueur and comics were full of assassins and murders enacting unsavoury wish-fulfillment violence on all and sundry. Then along came Deathstroke The Termin...

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Superman: Red Son

DC’s Elseworlds series take well-known and well-loved comic book characters and gives them a new twist. Batman is a perennial favourite of Elseworld writers, but Superman has also generated his share of classic alternative stor...
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Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

Arguably DC have some of comic-book-land’s most iconic characters. Yet since Marvel began its Infinity Gauntlet arc they’ve struggled to win big screen success. On the small screen they do much better, with shows like Gotham, D...

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Batman: Hush

DC Universe Animated Original Movies are direct-to-video releases based on some of DC’s best-known and best-loved storylines. Batman: Hush is their 13th outing in a series which, while done on a budget, are also done with flair...
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Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay

When it comes to superhero movies, story-lines aimed at both comic fans and adult audiences are a rare thing. Thankfully, if you’ve been following DC’s Animated Universe, you’ll know that what these releases lack in polish, the...