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Disconcerting, unnerving, difficult… Carl Th. Dreyer’s Vampyr is arguably one of early cinema’s most memorable and controversial horrors. Panned by the critics on its original release, the film has since been acknowledged as a ...
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Three Monster Tales Of Sc-Fi Horror

Arguably the lasting power of the Universal Horror owes as much to their subtext as they do to their iconic imagery. Frankenstein, for instance, explores what it means to be human—and what it really takes to  ‘a monster’. The C...

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The Love of Jeanne Ney

An epic of Weimar silent cinema, The Love Of Jeanne Ney follows the adventures of a young French woman amidst the chaos of post-World War I Europe. Blending  ‘American style’ big-studio blockbuster, with the eerie camerawork an...
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The Specialists

From Sergio Corbucci, the legendary director of Django, Navajo Joe, The Great Silence, Companeros and The Mercenary comes The Specialists, starring French music and film great Johnny Hallyday (The Man On The Train, Détective, V...