Today: April 15, 2024


Bodyguard Kiba 1 & 2

Based upon the celebrated manga by  Ikki Kajiwara, Bodyguard Kiba follows the blood-soaked adventures of eponymous karate master and professional bodyguard (Sonny Chiba). Out this week, on special edition blu-ray from Eureka, these riotously
March 25, 2024

Slaughter in San Francisco

A gloriously trashy slice of kung fu film-making, Slaughter in San Francisco, AKA Yellow-Faced Tiger, was producer Raymond Chow’s attempt to capitalise on Hong Kong cinema’s sudden explosion of popularity in the West. Released in 1974,
February 19, 2024

Kung Fu Cult Master

When a warring martial arts sect fights over a pair of mythical swords, the results are breathtakingly epic, in one of director Wong Jing’s most under-appreciated wuxia extravaganzas. Based on Jin Yong’s
January 29, 2024

Casino Raiders

If you’re a fan of Hong Kong movies, then this month, you’re in luck, because Eureka will be adding another absolute classic to their ever growing list of Golden Age thrillers. Casino
December 6, 2023

Beach of the War Gods

Should you ever have the urge to blend Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai with the sort of historical action film typified by Hero or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, then the result wouldn’t be that
October 23, 2023

Lady Reporter, AKA Blond Fury

Rating: 4/5. Bottom line: Another cracking release from Eureka, lovingly restored and packed with a wealth of must-watch extras. Format: Eureka Classics’ Special Edition blu-ray. Cast: Cynthia Rothrock, Elizabeth Lee, Ronny Yu,
June 28, 2023

Burning Paradise

Bottom Line: A violent, messy dark fantasy, enlivened by some of the most incredible choreography you’ll ever see onscreen. Rating: 3/5. Format: Special Edition Blu-ray. Cast: Willie Chi, John Ching, Carman Lee,
May 31, 2023

Violent Streets

Rating: 4/5. Dark, mean, with a fatalistic streak, Violent Streets (Bôryoku gai) is widely regarded as one of the wildest, and most visually stunning yakuza exploitation movies ever made. And for good
February 22, 2023

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Lon Chaney wasn’t the first to bring the titular character of the Hunchback of Notre Dame to the big screen, but his performance—set against Wallace Worsley’s spectacular Parisian backdrop— was the one
October 11, 2022

Karloff: Maniacal Mayhem

Eureka are really spoiling us. Last month their limited edition blu-ray, Karloff Universal Terror, shone the spotlight on a trio of post-Frankenstein Universal dramas. This month, Karloff: Maniacal Mayhem opens the vaults
October 10, 2022
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