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Casino Raiders

If you’re a fan of Hong Kong movies, then this month, you’re in luck, because Eureka will be adding another absolute classic to their ever growing list of Golden Age thrillers. Casino
December 6, 2023

From Beijing With Love

Martini swilling butcher (and disgraced former spy) Ling Ling Chat (Stephen Chow) is dispatched to recover a stolen dinosaur skull from a golden-gun wielding super-villain. Equipped with the latest gadgets, our hero
October 16, 2023

Lady Reporter, AKA Blond Fury

Rating: 4/5. Bottom line: Another cracking release from Eureka, lovingly restored and packed with a wealth of must-watch extras. Format: Eureka Classics’ Special Edition blu-ray. Cast: Cynthia Rothrock, Elizabeth Lee, Ronny Yu,
June 28, 2023

Yes, Madam!

Plot: A pair pf tough female cops take on all comers in the film that launched a genre. Certificate: 18. Run time: 93 mins. Release date: 12th December. Format: Blu-ray. Bottom line:
December 9, 2022

Skinny Tiger And Fatty Dragon

Who doesn’t love a bit of classic Hong Kong mayhem? And when that includes the inimitable Sammo Hung (Mr Vampire) and Karl Maka (the Aces Go Places series) you know you’re in for a
February 21, 2022

Warriors Two & Prodigal Son

Hong Kong films are that rare nostalgia-gold—as good when you revisit as they were back in the day. Add Sammo Hung into the mix and you know you’re in classic action-movie territory.
January 24, 2022

The Millionaires’ Express

What do you get if you add Sammo Hung; bandits; bordellos and martial arts hi-jinks? The answer is The Millionaires’ Express—a riotous, rollocking action move from the man who almost single-handedly kick-started
August 1, 2021

Mr Vampire

One of the most famous and well-loved Hong Kong hits of the 1980s, Mr. Vampire was a genuine phenomena. Spawning at least four sequels and countless spin-offs and imitations, this Hong Kong horror-comedy
July 15, 2020

Zu Warriors From The Magic Mountain

Back in the ’90s—when Enter The Dragon was pretty much the only Hong Kong movie most of us had ever seen—Jonathan Ross presented a run of films for Channel 4 under the banner
April 18, 2020
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