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An alien race looking for a new Home invade earth only for one of the aliens to befriend a human.



PARKER Out On DVD/Blu-ray 8th July 2013 Action superstar Jason Statham joins forces with Jennifer Lopez in a kick-ass new crime thriller. PARKER is a slick and gritty modern day film-noir that packs in plenty of action and is o...
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Parker’s Jason Statham has come a long way from Guy Ritchie’s cockney for hire to Hollywood’s hard man of choice.  The Transporter, Crank and Expendables films have all seen Statham launch and establish successful franchises.  ...


Jennifer Lopez Joins Miner Film The 33

Jennifer Lopez, last seen opposite Jason Statham in Parker, has joined the cast of true life Chilean mining disaster movie The 33.  Directed by Patricia Riggen and starring Antonio Banderas, The 33 will tell the story of the 33...