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The Man Who Finally Died

British cinema legend Stanley Baker’s intense persona and rugged personal charm are brought to the fore in this gripping tale of Cold War espionage. The Man Who Finally Died is based on a 1959 ITV TV serial, written by Lewis Gr...
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House Of The Long Shadows

Made in the 1983, House Of The Long Shadows so desperately wants to be a 1960s Hammer Horror that it hurts. Sadly, it really doesn’t have either the budget, the style, or the chutzpah. But the fact that it stars Vincent Price, ...

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Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell

The Curse of Frankenstein in 1957 was a milestone in British film, especially for the studio that made it.  While they’d made many movies before, including horror titles, it was this that defined what a Hammer Film was.  ...