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DVD And Blu-ray

The Stag

At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking of The Stag as just a lower budget, Irish version of The Hangover. All the same ingredients are there – you’ve got your slightly mismatched group of friends, your slapstick co...

The Stag

THE STAG On Blu-ray and DVD from July 21st, 2014 Ever wondered what happens when metrosexual man meets the great outdoors? Well Fionnan is about to find out when The Stag arrives on Blu-ray and DVD from July 21st, 2014 courtesy...


Ensemble Comedies – Ten Of The Best

Ensemble comedies are a mainstay of classic cinema- from crime capers to family drama-comedies, the sub-genre is a tricky one to get right- but nothing lights up the screen quite like a cast that just click. With The Stag relea...

Top Bachelor Party Films

In many circles, a bachelor party is a rite of passage. One last send off, one final night of story-making shenanigans before the responsibilities of married life take over. And because of their notorious concoction of drugs, b...