The Brain Blu-ray Unboxing

In Features by Samuel Love

101 Films presents cult sci-fi horror The Brain (1988), an extraterrestrial overdose of cerebral terror and media mind control, available on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK. Absurd, campy 80s horror schlock, The Brain is an absolute delight.

We took a closer look at the release…


Imagine a pulsating mass of gray matter, expanding in size and strength as it takes control of human minds and devours human bodies. It could never happen, right? Just watch Independent Thinking, starring Dr. Anthony Blakely (David Gale, Re-Animator), a hot TV programme. But as the show’s ratings continue to soar, so does the suicide and murder rate among its viewers. What they don’t know is that Dr. Blakely has teamed with an alien brain and plans to gain control of all humanity.

Special Features

  • Limited Edition Booklet: Includes ‘Ed Trauma’ by Andrew Graves and ‘Thoughts for Food: TV Terrors and other prevalent anxieties in The Brain’ by Liam Hathaway (NEW) • Sounds of the Mind: Paul Zaza on the Brain (NEW) • 2K Scan of the original negative • Commentary with director Ed Hunt • Commentary with composer Paul Zaza • Commentary with actor Tom Bresnahan • Canada on the Mind – An interview with actress Cynthia Preston • From Monster Kid to Monster Man – An interview with actor George Buza • Brain Art – An interview with assistant art director Michael Borthwick • Food For Thought: A Love Letter To The Brain • Still Gallery

THE BRAIN is available now from 101 Films