The Guard from Underground Unboxing

In Features by Samuel Love

From Third Window Films, purveyors of Japanese, Korean and other Asian films, comes a brand new restoration of the film which started Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s career in horror. A stunning new digital remaster from the original negatives breathes new life into this hidden gem from the celebrated filmmaker behind Cure and Pulse, in a wonderful ‘Directors Company Collection’ edition limited to 2,000 copies. This gory slasher is a fascinating insight into Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s developing style, with his distinct sense of atmosphere felt throughout. It is a remarkable film ripe for reappraisal, which is now much easier thanks to Third Window Films. 

The Guard from Underground

Part of the ‘Directors Company Collection’ – a series of films from the legendary 1980s Japanese production company, all presented with brand new digital restorations and in collector packaging each with inserts on the company by historian Jasper Sharp.

Before becoming one of Japan’s most well-known horror directors through films like Cure, Pulse and Creepy, Kiyoshi Kurosawa started off his career in horror with 1992’s The Guard from Underground, the final film of the ‘Directors Company’. Kiyoshi Kurosawa here fashions a dark tale that is both a sharp satire of corporate life and a B-movie thriller. A former sumo wrestler now working as a security guard goes on a murderous rampage in the company that employed him.

• New digital remaster from the original negatives

• New audio commentary by Tom Mes

• Interview with producer Takashi Ikoma

• Kiyoshi Kurosawa talk at the premiere of the new master

• Trailer

• Slipcase with artwork from Gokaiju

• ‘Directors Company’ edition featuring insert by Jasper Sharp – limited to 2000 copies

• Region B

THE GUARD FROM UNDERGROUND is available now from Third Window Films