The Rise Of Skywalker: IMAX

In Films by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

By now many of us will have seen it. Many of us will know that after, 42 years and nine films, J.J. Abrams has pulled off the impossible with a breath-taking roller-coaster finale to the final Star Wars trilogy. 

Even die-hard fans will readily admit that Star Wars has never been perfect. Plots and character motivations often dissolve when faced with the smallest analysis. But what has kept generations engaged is the world-building, the iconic characters, and the breath-taking scope of one of cinema’s greatest space operas. 

While episodes VII-IX have had their problems, as the dust settles one thing is becoming clear—this final trilogy very definitely belongs to Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver. As Rey, Ridley gives us an heroine who is every bit as fierce and indomitable as Leia. Driver, as Kylo Ren, presents us with a villain whose descent into evil is both nuianced and believable. And, while John Boyega’s Finn is sadly under-used, there are hints of a bigger tale still to be told.

So, what can this review possibly tell you without spoilers? One thing: you won’t be disappointed. This is a fan-pleaser with throw-away moments and surprise cameos that will leave you grinning. There’s action—staggering, whoop-inspiring scenes— that will leave you reeling. There’s drama aplenty. You’ll laugh. And you’ll cry. Seriously. Take tissues. 

And, once the dust has settled, you’ll probably want to see it again. Which is good because The Rise Of Skywalker has been released in several formats, including IMAX and IMAX 3D. For the release, visuals have been digitally re-mastered for the full image and sound IMAX Experience. The crystal-clear images, coupled with IMAX’s customised theatre geometry and powerful digital audio, really does create a unique environment that makes audiences feel as if they are in the movie. In fact, audiences actually see 26 percent more picture in an IMAX than they would in a standard cinema. 

The biggest cinema event of the decade really does deserve to be seen on the biggest screen. But however you see it, do see it. The Rise Of Skywalker is a film that we all need to see. It’s a film bursting with hope and heart. It may have been 40 years in the making, but boy is it worth the wait.

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