The Ultimate Space: 1999

In DVD/Blu-ray by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

September 13th, 1999…a nuclear waste dump on the Moon unexpectedly detonates, blasting it out of orbit and taking the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha on a fantastic voyage of discovery to the stars, fraught with danger at every turn!

Gerry Anderson’s massively popular sci-fi series was a thill-of-the-pants ride that used the model-making skills honed on countless puppet-shows to produce a live-action adventure that looked like nothing we had seen before. Okay, so the premis was silly, and the plots often were too. But Anderson always knew how to keep an audience entertained and in the ‘70s Space 1999 was as good as TV science fiction got. 

Network’s new High Definition restoration is taken from original film elements, giving an exceptional level of picture quality. Reality is rarely as fresh and shiny as the afterglow of nostalgia, but honestly? Space: 1999 has never looked better.

The Ultimate Space: 1999 includes the complete first and second series plus all four TV movies, which were made by spicing together various episodes, with additional material filmed to pull the story-elements together.

Fans of Space: 1999 can enjoy three discs of special features, which include original ‘as broadcast’ mono track and remixed 5.1 track plus a wealth of extras.

Special Features:

  • Original ‘as broadcast’ mono track and remixed 5.1 tracks.
  • All four TV movies.
  • Gerry Anderson commentary on Breakaway and Dragon’s Domain.
  • These Episodes featurettes – selected individual episode analysis.
  • Sylvia Anderson interview.
  • Clapperboard two-part special from 1975 on the work of Gerry Anderson.
  • Image galleries of rare and previously unseen stills.
  • Titles, trailer promos and other film elements.
  • Martin Landau: in-depth interview from 1994.
  • Production Audio original source recordings.
  • Archive interviews with cast and crew.