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Top Ten Loveable Rogues

The rise of the anti-hero is upon us. It’s time to say goodbye to the Supermen of our cinema past and hello to the reckless yet beautiful rogues which keep us gripped to the screen.

Over the years we’ve been very fortunate with the great selection of bad boys to grace our screens, and this weekend it would appear it’s time for one more. Saddle-up as Michael Fassbender is playing Silas, a mysterious travelling outlaw in John Maclean’s new Western Slow West.

In celebration of Maclean’s new feature and by way of paying homage to having one more rogue to admire, here’s our Top Ten Film and TV’s Most Loveable Rogues. Who is your numero uno?

Eggsy – Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)
Starting us off is cheeky chappy Eggsy from Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman. Egerton’s performance and character will take anybody back to their high schools days where they had a crush on that bad boy in class. However, although Gary and his dapper transformation in the film is highly appreciated, it’s not quite worthy of our highest accolades yet. Perhaps he’ll move up our charts following the Kingsman sequel.

Nathan Drake – The Uncharted
Somehow the creators of the Uncharted video game (Naughty Dog) have managed to make the world fall in love with an animated bad boy. Playing the game you quickly realise that Nathan Drake isn’t just any animation though – brace yourself for one sarcastic, treasure-hunting, fortune-seeking, deep-sea salvaging expert, come action-pro, professional thief and general bad-ass. What more could you want from a loveable rogue? Oh, just one thing – his appearance and personality are based on daredevil Johnny Knoxville and actor Harrison Ford… now that explains it!

Jesse – Breaking Bad (2008-2013)
This lost and drug addicted adolescent managed to worm his way into all of our hearts. Although some may say he’s not stereotypical handsome, Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman is one troubled soul you just can’t resist falling in love with. Throughout all five seasons his (not so witty!) one-liners became iconic to the series, and at the end of it all we had bittersweet satisfaction seeing him end his turbulent relationship with Mr White and drive off into the desert plains of New Mexico.

Peter Quil – Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014)
If you’re ever in a tricky situation, Peter Quil is the man you need to get you out of it. Whether it’s his dance-off prowess or his singing to some classic tunes on a walkman, there is no doubt his crazy ways will have you laughing throughout your escape. This casting was also a movie treat for most rouge-lovers as, once larger-than-life actor, Chris Pratt stunned audiences with his new physique in the film. And who doesn’t love a bad boy transformation?!

Han Solo – Star Wars (1977)
Taking it back to old school cowboy crushes, we can’t forget Harrison Ford in his first iconic movie role as Han Solo? This brooding and beautiful character has you not wanting to be solo for long. If you like your men with a bit more hair look no further than companion and co-pilot, Chewbacca – the Star Wars men have something for everyone.

Huntsman – Snow White And The Huntsman (2012)
Who needs the Prince when we have the broody Chris Hemsworth? We must thank director Rupert Sanders for introducing us to this fantastic rouge (The Huntsman) in his modern day adaptation of one of Disney’s classics, Snow White. All we can say is Kristen Stewart is one lucky lady in the movies, her first big role saw her paired with super-hot vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen and now a brooding Huntsman. We’re in the wrong game.

Jack Sparrow – Pirates Of The Caribbean (2003 – 2011)
It’s everybody’s favourite pirate. Captain Jack Sparrow comes in at number four on our loveable rogues list. Johnny Depp’s performance was inspired by rock and roll wild-man Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones, so with that musical angst and attitude there is no wonder Sparrow is such a great front man of the seas. Never one to shy away from a sticky situation, somehow he always manages to break a fair few hearts along the way.

Sawyer – Lost (2004-2010)

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget! Apart from the incredible plot twists and suspense, we all know deep down, men and women across the world were secretly watching Lost each week just to see Sawyer push back his lovely locks in a sexy strop. It was never about Jack. It was always about bad boy Sawyer stepping up triumphantly and for that, he has successfully come into third place in our chart. If you are missing Sawyer from your screens, no need to fear, actor/model Josh Holloway is currently in the infamous Davidoff Cool Water adverts. So keep an eye out.

Indiana – Indiana Jones (1989)
Apart from the ripped khaki shirt exposing his lovely bronzed skin there is one simple reason why Harrison Ford’s portrayal of Indiana Jones has come second on our list… he is the first man in the history of film, and maybe even the world, to make archaeology sexy! Cheers to that Indy. With a possible remake on the cards of the franchise, we are slightly worried that no one could come close to embodying such a lovable character the same way as Ford. Watch this space…

Silas – Slow West (2015)
We could go on for days gushing about why Fassbender’s performance of Silas has rocked our charts but for now we will keep it to the three points.

  1. When you think his Irish accent couldn’t get any sexier, there’s a hint of that American south too. Phwoar.
  2. Seeing the mysterious character so protective over lovesick kid Cody Smith Mcphee will make you swoon.
  3. And lastly, simply for the fact that we are not sure anyone could pull off a pair of long johns quite as well as the Fass!

So, if this top ten has got you ready to fall in love with a big-screen rogue all over again, don’t worry as John McLean’s Slow West will be out in cinemas this Friday. 

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