Today: July 9, 2024

Twisters: The Real Story

Following their releases of The Exorcist Untold and Oppenheimer: The Real Story, Reel2Reel Films continue their approach of straight-to-DVD cashgrab docs with Twisters: The Real Story, tying into the upcoming summer blockbuster release of highly-anticipated tornado sequel Twisters.

This 60-minute doc – wrongly labelled as 120-min on the case – is the sort of thing you would’ve endured on an old CRT television in science class back in school. Of Reel2Reel’s recent slate, this is perhaps the most baffling – it is short, dull, and offers little more than classroom education. Take out the tacked-on Twisters trailer that closes the documentary and you could easily convince me this was made years ago. It probably was! It feels like someone has just found a cheap tornado documentary and repackaged it to cash in on the hype around Twisters.

As has been the case with all of Reel2Reel’s output, sound and video quality is all over the place. And even at a brief 60 minutes, Twisters: The Real Story is a slog to endure because it is just so lifeless and dull. The fact it has a standalone DVD release is borderline insulting; I’d feel short-changed by this even if it was just a bonus feature on the Twisters Blu-ray. It’s hard to say who this is even for.

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