Worzel Gummidge The Complete Restored Edition

In DVD/Blu-ray by Paula Hammond - Features Editor


A fan-pleasing release with extras galore.

It was Jon Pertwee’s favourite character—and this January Worzel Gummidge comes to DVD for with a new high-definition restoration of the ‘70s TV series.

Based on the books by Barbara Euphan Todd, four series of the much-loved show ran between 1979-1981. Whether you were one of those who rolled with the unfolding weirdness, or watched with a mix of bemusement and terror, Fabulous Films’ re-issue is sure to delight fans of classic TV.

As with all vintage shows, there’s lots of fun to be had spotting stars in the early stages of their career—including Billy Connolly, Lorraine Chase, and Jon’s son, Sean. But the show undoubtedly belongs to the stars— Doctor Who’s Jon Pertwee, Una Stubbs, and Geoffrey Bayldon who manages to tred a strange line between kindly grandpa and sinister pagan mage with aplomb. 

Gummidge remains as surreal and unnerving today as it was back then. Will today’s kids like it? Maybe. But their parents surely will.

A bonus disc includes nine all new audio commentaries with the cast and crew, a BFI Restoration Preview with Jeremy Austin, Mike Berry, Lorraine Chase, Wayne Norma and Sean Pertwee, vintage interviews with Barbara Windsor, Geoffrey Bayldon, outtakes, blooper reels, behind the scenes footage and an audiobook of the abandoned episode, Worzel Gives a Lecture, read by Pertwee.

Cast: Jon Pertwee, Una Stubbs, Geoffrey Bayldon, Jeremy Austin, Charlotte Coleman, Mike Berry, Norman Bird, Megs Jenkins.

Release Date: Blu-ray, 26th December 2022; DVD 30th January 2023.

Run Time: Blu-ray 845 mins & 170 mins bonus material; DVD 845 mins & 170 mins bonus materail. 

Certificate: PG.