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Upon its release Abduction was being promoted as a Taylor Lautner film that didn’t involve vampires or werewolves.

Upon its release Abduction was being promoted as a Taylor Lautner film that didn’t involve vampires or werewolves. In fact Abduction was perhaps
aiming to introduce Lautner to a more mature audience in this supposed
action/thriller and potentially shut up the naysayers and show that he can in
fact act.


Abduction starts with good intentions. We begin the
story with Nathan (Lautner) and a
group of friends attending a standard American frat party. Pretty standard
procedure for any American teenager, yet it becomes obvious fairly quickly that
Nathan doesn’t have a standard upbringing. Heavily disciplined by his
father,(in a scene which is best described as less of a spanking more MMA cage
fighting). Aside from his unusual family life Nathan begins to suspect that
maybe he has not lived the life he was supposed to. Whilst studying for a
school project with love interest (Lily
) he discovers a baby picture of himself on a missing persons
website. Suspicion is heightened when his imposing parents are killed and a
whole can of worms is unleashed on him. Up to this point the film flows fairly
nicely but it quickly loses whatever momentum it had.


Riddled with plot holes and inconsistencies it
struggles to really take off and a confusing cold war subtext doesn’t help
matters. Perhaps playing to the same cards as the Bourne series, or even Total
if you regard the stolen life angle. Yet if you were hoping for
anything of that standard you will be slightly disappointed. It will appeal to Twilight fans hoping to get a glimpse
of Lautner outside the role of Jacob.


The main problem with Abduction is that it’s supposed
to be a serious outing for Taylor Lautner but bless him, the kid just cant act.
So to work round the situation the cast is made up of dependable actors to do
the acting for him. The likes of Sigourney
, Alfred Molina and Maria Bello all do their best with a
fairly ropey script and hold together the scenes they appear in. A very
important hello to Jason Isaacs (who
plays the imposing father) is due here as he is probably the best thing in the
entire film. Considering he is roughly only around for the first 30 minutes it
goes to show the remainder isn’t much to shout about.


Disappointingly, for anyone who has followed the
Twilight series, you will know that Taylor Lautner can act, to a certain
extent. His vast improvement in Eclipse was certainly impressive. Even better
was his turn in the Breaking Dawn Part 1
in which he arguably stole the show. Whether his poor performance here is
entirely his fault or a lack of faith shown by the director and studio is
unclear. Incidentally the director is John
, whose name you may recognise from the amazing Boyz ‘n’ the Hood. Quite how one has travelled from gang-land to teen action is anyone’s guess.


As far as action fodder goes it is completely unremarkable and has to be one the least interesting thrillers ever released. If this is what life will be like for Taylor after Twilight, he best get a new agent quick.


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