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Actress Juno Temple

And so begins another colourful year for the poster girl of unruly youth.

And so
begins another colourful year for the poster girl of unruly youth.
Juno Temple’s catalogue of features to
date are as varied as it gets, from tween flicks like Wild Child and the St.
franchise to a fleeting role opposite Anne Hathaway’s Cat Woman in The
Dark Knight Rises
and a mesmerising, if uncomfortable, turn as the object
of Matthew McCaughey’s desires in William Friedkin’s Killer Joe (Main Picture).

2013 boasts only greater things for the 23 year old, with
Sundance entries Magic Magic and Afternoon Delight, a step into the
world of the porn industry in adult film star biopic Lovelace, and her first brush with motion capture in Disney’s Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie.

Not only has her acting brought her critical acclaim, it’s
bagged her a nomination for the EE Rising Star award at the 2013 BAFTAs. Appearing in the category
alongside Elizabeth Olsen, Andrea Riseborough, Suraj Sharma and Alicia Vikander, Temple caught up with FilmJuice fresh off of her nomination announcement to talk surprises
and Styrofoam.

how are you feeling about your nomination?

Honestly I’m just honoured to be included amongst these people. These are
actors that I have been watching for some time and their films are so
fantastic. It’s very exciting.

When did
you find out that you were nominated?

Not long ago so I’m still adjusting. I love that the nomination is based
upon your body of work and people are excited about the decisions that you’re
making and what you have done with your career. It encourages you to keep doing
what you’re doing. And it’s British!

currently filming Disney’s Maleficent opposite Angeline Jolie, how’s it been
working on the latest Fairy Tail spin off?

It’s great, finally I’m working on a film that my little brother can go
and see. It’s all motion capture, and you’re in the strangest suit. It feels
like you’re in a video game. I was mostly working with a Styrofoam model of
Angelina, but I did get to work with Imelda
and Lesley Manville and
they are so much fun.

How did you
get on reacting to a Jolie prototype?

The first day was bizarre. But Rob [Stromberg] is such a visionary genius
that I trusted him.

It’s very
different from your more recent body of work. What interests you in project?

When I read a script it’s pretty much an instant reaction, I make a quick
decision as to whether I’d love to play that girl or if it’s not really for me.
The director has to be someone that I feel I can trust; I’ve played a lot of
careless and risqué characters in the past and I need the kind of relationship
with the director where I feel I can let go and get on with it.

I want to be brave and I want to be challenged, I see people
like Michelle Williams on screen who
are incredibly brave and I want to be like that.

I want to try everything. You don’t know what you’ve liked until you’ve tried
it, and if it goes wrong you just fall down and get back up again.

What’s been
a significant point in your career over the last few years?

Killer Joe was incredible. It was a whirlwind. I was surrounded by
amazing people and I was constantly learning; it was like being at drama

Are there
any directors you’re keen to collaborate with?

Definitely the Coen Brothers,
high aspirations I know. Sam Mendes
too. But also these young directors that are starting out and they have these
babies that are being made, and they’re so passionate about the project. I like
to get involved in those too.

It took me
a while to recognise you because of your bright red hair!

It’s for my role in Horns,
which I’ve just finished filming with Daniel
. I’m told the transition back to blond takes some time so I’m
leaving it be for now.

How’s he

He’s a very brave and very grounded actor. I’m dead for the most part of
it but it’s going to be a great film.

What films
have you seen recently that you’ve enjoyed?

I’ve just seen Pitch Perfect, and I loved it. I had such a great time
watching that! I wish I’d been in it.

Kendrick’s got quite a voice in that, do you consider yourself to have any
special skills?

Well I play guitar, but I’ve also just played a stripper so I could give
you a lap dance?

I bet Anna
Kendrick couldn’t do that.


The EE
Rising Star Award will be announced at the 2013 BAFTA Ceremony on Sunday
February the 10th.

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