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Ten Thousands Saints

Punk rock in late 1980s NYC is the backdrop for this coming of age tale about love, loss, loyalty, growing up and well, just finding your own way and place in the world.  Filmmakers Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini – ad...

The Ones Below

A sinister air hangs over The Ones Below, a gloriously uncomfortable psychological thriller from first time feature director, David Farr. The events that play out between two upper middle class couples in residential North Lond...



With the build up to this autumn’s presidential election in full swing, and Donald Trump defying political precedent, logic and humanity (he called out the Pope!) en route to what looks like securing the republican nomination, ...
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A Walk In The Woods

Bill Bryson is a wordsmith who made his name as a purveyor of accessible travel books characterised by his wit, knowledge and approachable everyman-ism. Sadly though, precisely that which made him such a globally adored author ...