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Bext Pixar Moments

Best Pixar Moments Animation giants have Pixar have been unfair this year. Unfair and cruel to be exact. While amazing animated features such as How To Train Your Dragon 2 and The Lego Movie have been entertaining audiences nationwide, fans have heard boo from Pixar. They have squirreled away the goods, reserving their most anticipated sequels for 2015. Massive sulk from anyone and everyone itching for a Cars-type fix. But it’s ok… As Pixar quietly tinkers away behind the scenes, moulding the next animation treat, FilmJuice’s Janet Leigh step into the breach with a look at some of her favourite Pixar moments, starting big with … Incredibles – More than meets the eye Anyone else still in pleasant shock about the Incredibles 2 sequel bombshell that dropped earlier this year? Still experience the pinch me, I’m dreaming effect? Of course you are! How could you not be? It’s so long overdue it’s practically become offensive but in case you might need reminding of just what it is that makes this film so tastily delectable, Jack Jack is on hand to jog your memory. The ‘dud.’ Seemingly average, the superhero gene seems to have skipped Jack Jack all together. While his sister Violet experiments with force fields and brother Dash is like a miniature Flash, baby Jack Jack’s powers appear to be restricted to drooling. How cute. That is until he is kidnapped by the evil (and somewhat dim-witted Syndrome). It is then that Jack Jack proves he’s not to be messed with. Brave – Anything you can do… Here’s another one that is well overdue a sequel. While a perfectly reasonable standalone film, there’s definitely more enjoyment to be had from Merida and the rest of clan Dunbroch, especially Hamish, Hubert and Harris. Alas, for now we must be satisfied with this cracking scene in which Merida shows up the suitors. Competing for her hand in marriage Merida’s prospective husbands must best each other at the contest of archery, but the young princess of Dunbroch has other plans in mind. Not satisfied by the pick of the crop and revolting against the whole notion of marriage, Merida takes matters into her own hands challenging them all to the right for her own hand in marriage. A powerful scene, that highlights the strong will and feistiness of her character. Finding Nemo – Stalker on the loose Nemo fans have something to look forward to as not too long ago, Pixar announced the thrilling news that there was to be more fishy fun in an underwater sequel called Finding Dory. Squeeeeeeaaaaallll….and breathe. Dory was of course, the secondary (or maybe not so secondary) star of the show with her charming forgetfulness and her boundless optimism. After all, no one talks whale like Dory. Let’s celebrate all things Dory with the moment we first meet the lovable Tang fish. Enjoy. UP! And in the blue corner is… Mr Fredricksen From the eyes of an OAP to the hearts of kids (and adults) everywhere. Who knew that a film told from the perspective of someone not old enough to know what the hell Yu Gi Oh Zexal is could be so appealing to children and yet it wowed. That may have had something to do with the comical genius of the script. Thank you Pete Docter and Bob Peterson. So many moments of sheer laugh-out-loudness … Dug’s ‘stop you dogs’ and Russell’s plus size body sliding across the glass of Muntz’s dirigible are but just a few. But when Mr Fredricksen and his former childhood hero Charles Muntz dual it out (literally dual it out with swords and everything) well if that’s not entertainment I don’t know what is. You can literally hear the rickety bones clacking away as they spit teeth and swipe swords at each other. Brilliant! Monsters University – Embarrassing parents Sometimes it’s the little things that amuse us the most because, despite numerous scenes to choose from, it is the Oozma Kappa initiation that sticks out most. Maybe it’s because everyone can sympathise with Squishy’s predicament. The parent just busted you groove situation. There he is trying to pull off intimidating/cool while mother shakes her butt lightly in the background as she noisily tackles the laundry. Also top of the list is Dean HardScrabble’s entrance. It may not have the laugh-out-loud effect but boy does Helen Mirren know how to pull of scary dragon lady when she wants to. Best to stay on her good side. Ratatouille – Collette lays down the law It’s culinary boot camp one-o -one when Linguini dares to enter into the great, late, Gusteau’s kitchen. No time for niceties as he is whipped into shape by the scary, heavily sarcastic Colette who warns him “Keep your (kitchen) station clear or I will kill you!” Nothing like a bit of tough love on the job eh? A lot of enjoyment can be had from this scene in which Linguini learns when cooking in a restaurant “you cannot be mummy!” Fantastic ambience created by the French themed music, it chimes in nicely and if you close your eyes Colette’s barking almost sounds like a bedtime story…if you were tucked to bed by rabid wolverines.

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