Dysfunctional Families On Film

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Dysfunctional families are fascinating to watch on screen … if only to spot the resemblance, good or bad, to your own family. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Kickstarter-funded film Wish I Was Here which tells the story of a struggling actor who is forced re-evaluate his life and his attitude to ‘parenthood’. To celebrate the release, we’ve put together a list of the best recent dysfunctional families in film to remind you that everyone’s family drives them up the wall, but when it comes down to it we love them all the same …

The Hoovers – Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
Family road trips are never easy, but the Hoover family embarks on a turbulent cross-country journey after youngest daughter Olive (Abigail Breslin) qualifies in a beauty pageant. With half of the family’s campervan resenting the temporary uprooting, each member is tested by the close quarters they are in proving that family is necessary to steer you through life.

The Buchmans – Rachel Getting Married (2008)
Returning home from rehab for a few days so she can celebrate her sister’s wedding, Kym (Anne Hathaway) finds the atmosphere strained as she realises that her family still struggle to reconcile themselves with her dark past which has been, until now, residing somewhere else. Her father’s mistrust, sister’s resentment and mother’s indifference ultimately allow Kym to face up to her actions.

The Allgoods – The Kids Are All Right (2010)
Not wanting to upset their mothers but missing something in their lives, two siblings decide to contact their sperm donor father (Mark Ruffalo) and find that they admire his bohemian lifestyle, while he in turn decides that he wants to be involved in their upbringing. When the unconventional family comes together, they risk everything they’ve built their lives on in an attempt to fix what they had.

The Ramseys – The Way Way Back (2013)
When Ethan, a quiet and awkward boy, goes on holiday with his mum and her overbearing new boyfriend (Steve Carell), he sets off to find an escape from the pair and comes across a local water park. He finds an unexpected friend in Will (Sam Rockwell), who hires Ethan to do odd jobs around the park and takes him under his wing as they embark on a life-changing summer.

The Blooms – Wish I Was Here (2014)
Struggling actor Aiden (Zach Braff) is forced to home school his children after his father gets sick and can no longer afford to pay for their education. Whilst trying to get through to them and teach them about the world his own way, he realises that he has held onto his own dreams for too long, and sets about helping his wife and children grasp their dreams instead.

Wish I Was Here comes to cinemas September 19th.