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Once you comprehend the fact Entourage isn’t a drama, suddenly it all gets exciting and undeniably hilarious. With as many celebrity cameos as you could dream of, paired with the lovable combination of Vince, his squad and Ari it’s fair to say the film has lived up to the hype generated by the series – which is no easy feat.

The lovable quartet of Vince, Eric, Turtle and Drama return to our screens to immerse us in the glamorous and slapstick events of a Hollywood A-lister’s life. The movie picks up from where the series left off; Adrien Grenier executes the role of a handsome – and sometimes docile – movie star that has now established himself in the world of Hollywood. The audience is plunged straight into a semi-existential crisis that Vince (Grenier) is facing, after he grows bored of roles and at the height of his success he plans to gamble and direct an entire picture whilst starring in it himself.

Backed by the unbreakable loyalty of his ‘entourage’ consisting of Turtle, Eric his Manager and his older half-brother Drama, each of the characters has their own sub-plots in the film as they experience highs and lows. The funniest being Drama’s, as he is still struggling to get the world of Hollywood to take him seriously…let’s leave it there to avoid spoilers.

Then of course we have the outlandish Ari played by the maestro that is Jeremy Piven. The eccentric, retired agent of Vince is quickly brought back into the role to oversee Vince’s venture to turn director as we see him struggling to finance the film after it continually goes over budget. Cleverly the film focuses as much on his story as the rest, and the audience is continually treated to sparks of acting and scripted genius by Ari. A notable mention to the creativity in regards to the constant flurry and combination of curse words must also be given.

The film is everything you expect it to be and more. The punch-lines never stop and the affinity towards the lead characters sees everybody in the audience rooting for Vince’s film to be a success.

Director Doug Ellin does what’s needed with the movie continuation of the series, providing enough insight to each character, adding emphasis on Ari Gold and giving us a typical Hollywood ending.