Folio Society Celebrates Lovecraft

In News by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

This Summer, The Folio Society continues its tradition of publishing classic editions of classic books with some striking additions to its catalogue. The theme is very much Old Gods and Monsters with – for the first time ever – a collection of works from the master of the tentacle himself, H.P. Lovecraft.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft created genre-defining tales of unnerving horror, which have inspired filmmakers such as John Carpenter (The Thing, In The Mouth Of Madness), Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy), Sam Raimi (Evil Dead 2), Joss Whedon (Cabin In The Woods), Peter Weir (Last Wave), and, most recently Ted Geoghegan (We’re Still Here). However, it seems fitting that, in the 80 Anniversary of his death, his contribution to literature should finally be marked with a heavy-weight edition.

The Folio Society’s The Call of Cthulhu & Other Weird Stories includes a Preface by Alan Moore and art from the acclaimed illustrator Dan Hillier. A 750-print run limited edition is also available, which lurks within a striking solander box.

Neil Gaiman’s American Gods – now a hit Amazon TV series – receives the Folio treatment with an edition that Gaiman himself has praised as the most faithful to his vision. With illustrations by celebrated artist Dave McKean, this is the ultimate collector’s edition of a modern fantasy classic.

Illustration by Dave McKean from The Folio Society edition of American Gods  ©Dave McKean 2017.

With Bond fans now having to wait until 2018 at the earliest for a new film, the Folio Society’s Dr No should provide a welcome 007 fan fix. Doctor No is the third in the Folio Society’s best-selling James Bond series, once again employing the talents of Fay Dalton, whose illustrations bring to life the glamour and danger of Bond’s action-filled mission in Jamaica.

Illustration by Fay Dalton from The Folio Society edition of Dr No ©Fay Dalton 2017.

And, with the news that the BBC is planning a Victorian-era War Of The Worlds, the new and wonderfully retro edition of H.G. Wells’ tale of Martian tripods, heat-rays and the terrible red weed comes packed full of iconic imagery and stirring illustrations to capture all of the action.

Illustration by Grahame Baker-Smith from The Folio Society edition of The World of The Worlds  @H.G. Wells.

Cover image: Illustration by Dan Hillier from The Folio Society edition of The Call of Cthulhu & Other Weird Stories © Dan Hillier 2017.

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