101 Films x AGFA February 2023

In DVD/Blu-ray by Samuel Love

The latest two releases in 101 FilmsAGFA range are among the finest examples of what the entire range has to offer. In Scary Movie (not that one) and the Wakaliwood double volume, we’re reminded of the power of filmmaking passion when budgetary constraints are ignored and the love of film shines through.

Both releases have a truly loveable DIY quality to them – particularly the Wakaliwood Supa Action Volume 1 set which contains Bad Black and the cult classic Who Killed Captain Alex?. Both films were written, directed, and produced by Nabwana Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey with budgets coming in under $200, and the genuine passion is truly evident in every charmingly goofy scene. Narrated by video joker VJ Emmie, these gonzo action films are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before – and are bursting with more love than you’ll find in modern Hollywood. Whether you take them as unintentional comedies or inspiring feats of low-budget filmmaking, the two films here are bursting with entertainment value. A charming disclaimer on the case encourages empathy toward the Blu-ray transfers; understandably, the films hardly shine on the format.

Scary Movie, however, looks great – restored to 2K from the original 16mm negative, this grimy and quirky little horror flick starring Academy Award-nominee John Hawkes is a delight. This surreal little shocker is bonkers, with an Evil Dead vibe and an endearingly goofy performance from the young Hawkes. It’s by no means some kind of lost masterpiece – it certainly could do with tightening up, and the low budget is felt weirdly more than in the Wakaliwood films; where you just get lost in their mayhem, Scary Movie isn’t quite as engrossing.

Another pair of must-own releases for cult film enthusiasts from 101 Films and AGFA, continuing to illustrate the staying power of passionately crafted physical media.