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2013: Ones To Watch

If memories of 2012’s most momentous movies are already starting to fade, there’s still plenty to look forward to in 2013. Greg Evans picks up the mantle of The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come with some suggestions of films to look out for in the coming year …

If you’re reading this, then not only will you have survived that pesky
apocalypse but, more importantly, you’ll hopefully have had a very Merry
Christmas and consumed your weight in turkey and sprouts.
Those of us who were good boys and girls might also
have received a Dark Knight or Avengers box set. Those less fortunate,
will probably have made do with the traditional soot and cinders – or a copy of
Keith Lemon: The Movie.
Commiserations go out to you. However, never fear! If memories of 2012’s most momentous movies are already starting to
fade, there’s still plenty to look forward to in 2013. Greg Evans picks up the
mantle of The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come with some
suggestions of films to look out for in the coming year …

What does 2013 have in store
for us cinephiles? As always, Blockbusters tend to dominate but the good news
is that it looks like there will be plenty to keep the Art House crowd smiling
too. Children should also be very happy with a host of familiar faces returning
to the big screen in 2013 including Monsters Inc 2 on
18th January and Despicable Me 2 on
28th June. Horror fans can expect
the release of several hyped remakes such as Evil Dead (19th April) and
Carrie (5th April). So, as 2012
draws to a close lets quote Slade and
“look to the future now” because in all honesty it looks rather exciting.

Award Contenders
At this time of year, there’s
always a plethora of films competing to win those shiny ornaments that
Hollywood hands out in February. And, as in previous years, the list is long
and impressive. First up is a film that already has people talking about awards
almost a month before its official release on 25th January: Zero Dark Thirty. Dramatising the capture and killing
of terrorist Osama Bin Laden in
2011, Zero Dark Thirty is Kathryn
follow up to the immensely successful Hurt Locker. Having drawn in a lot of praise from the States, this
is a film that looks like it will take a very serious line on a very
significant event. Plus it has Jessica
in it, which is always a good thing.

If a war drama entrenched in
reality isn’t your thing, perhaps a trip back to yesteryear will float your
boat? On 10th January The Gangster Squad
will be released. Starring the likes of Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn, Emma Stone and Josh Brolin in a 1940’s Noir crime setting, it already sounds like
a film of the year contender. Also set in a similar era, is a new adaptation of
The Great Gatsby which will come out
on 24th May. With an equally impressive cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan, and with Baz
pulling the strings, perhaps 2013 could see us all donning sharp
suits again to start narrating our own lives. One can only hope.

Going even further back into
history we have the token Spielberg epic.
This time it’s Lincoln (25th
January), in which Daniel Day Lewis portrays the
influential president. Documenting the last years of Lincoln’s life as he
attempts to abolish slavery, Lewis will surely be a strong contender for the
best actor nod.

Staying with the topic of
slavery, Django Unchained (Main Picture) (18th
January) is Quentin Tarantino’s first venture into the Western genre and sees Jaime Foxx as a vengeful gunman on a
mission to save his wife. Tarantino’s love of trashy B-movies and snappy
dialogue looks set to be prominent once again, so we know what to expect.

Les Miserables (11th
January) also looks like being a big
awards contender. Featuring another all-star cast, this epic musical has
received standing ovations from the critics so it’ll be interesting to see what
the public thinks. Another epic that has won plaudits in America is the hugely
ambitious Cloud Atlas (22nd
February). Adapted from the popular
novel, Cloud Atlas is a brave attempt to show how all timelines are connected
and how our actions can impact on those in the past, present and future.
Ambitious doesn’t even begin to sum it up.

Finally, a quick mention of
two films that look more performance-based rather than story: Flight and Hitchcock. Flight (1st February) sees Denzel Washington play
a hero airline pilot tackling his own personal demons. Hitchcock (8th February) is an exploration of the legendary
director’s making of the classic Psycho.
Anthony Hopkins
plays the genius filmmaker. Lets hope these two don’t get
overshadowed by the epics when the awards roll round.

In all fairness, 2012’s
blockbusters were a bit of a disappointment. Prometheus and Looper failed
to live up to expectations, while The
Dark Knight Rises
was just a little too serious for some. However 2013
could make up for those shortcomings. The return of JJ Abrams and his new take on Star
was at the top of many wish lists before any trailer was even
released. Those lucky few who have seen The
on IMAX will already have
been treated to seven minutes of Star
Trek Into Darkness
. If just one word had to be used to sum up the feeling
that the footage inspired, “spectacular: would be appropriate.

Sticking with Sci-Fi, three
films are set to be released next year with very similar themes. Elysium, Oblivion and After Earth all look at how humans
survive after the Earth has been ruined by war. Matt Damon, Tom Cruise and Will
will all respectively duke it out to save Earth and win that box
office race. (Released 20th September, 12th April, 7th June respectively.)

One of the best looking films
we’ve been treated to previews of recently is Pacific Rim (12th July). After
a rift opens in the Pacific ocean, huge monsters begin to attack the planet. To
combat this, the human race constructs an army of giant robots to battle the
beasts. It sounds like another bad Transformers
movie but the fact that this has Guillermo
Del Toro
on directing duties should dispel any notions of another Michael Bay onslaught. The trailer
already suggests that this will be more like Godzilla and less like Optimus

James Franco and Sam Raimi are also looking to take us
back down the yellow brick road in Oz:
The Great And Powerful.
Released on 8th
March, this promises to be a visual
spectacular. Two of the more troubled productions in recent years have finally
got a release date for next year too. We’ll have to wait and see if World War Z and The Lone Ranger (21st June and 9th August) have finally shaken off the problems that dominated their
production – but it’ll be fun finding out.

Join Greg Evans next week as he welcomes in 2013 with the second part of
his essential guide to films to watch out for in the coming year.

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