A Festive Scrooge Round Up

In Features by Janet Leigh

Tis the season once again and what would the holidays be without the traditional cheer-killer to get us in the Christmas spirit? Who else could we be taking about other than the original Grinch, Scrooge? Mean and stingy with a black-heart turned gold come the closing credits, Scrooge is just the very thing to keep the festivities spinning on. So join Film Juice’s Janet Leigh as she scrounges up a compilation of the Scroogiest movies to inject a bit of Yuletide happiness into your festive diet.

Bill Murray takes on the role of Scrooge in the form of Frank Cross, the hardarse executive of a television studio whose ambitious desire for success has darkened his once kind soul. Driven by a desperate need to climb his way top has seen Frank Cross lose not only himself but the love of his life Claire (Karen Allen). A comical take on the traditional Christmas carol thanks to the likes of Carol Kane and David Johansen plus a whole host of other interesting plot alterations that make this a wise watch this Christmas. So take Franks advise this Christmas season and watch it, “You’re life might just depend on it.”

Muppets Christmas Carol
It’s the one size fits all movie. Whether you’re sat at the kiddies table or have long since graduated to the grown up’s, the Muppets Christmas Carol is sure to tickle the childish excitement right out of you. Narrated by the comedy duo Rizzo the rat (Steve Whitmire) and the Muppet rendition of Charles Dickens (Dave Goelz) the film offers an immature hilarity that’s not to be missed. Screen legend Michael Caine makes an entertaining Ebenezer. 85-minutes well worth spending.

A Christmas Carol
It’s Jim Carrey all dressed up as Scrooge with a 3D animated spin. The spectacular detail and stunning visuals befitting of Disney are impressive, from the pores on Ebenezer’s face right down to his stained teeth. Colin Firth and Gary Oldman are also there to join in the fun.

A Christmas Carol: The Musical
So imagine Broadway meets Christmas, throw in Kelsey Grammer as the cranky, dictator Scrooge and that’s kind of what you have here. Grammer has one of those faces that can effortlessly morph from bad guy to good meaning he makes the ideal Scrooge in this interesting twist on the classic tale. Fresh-faced Jennifer Love-Hewitt also stars as Emily, Ebenezer’s former love interest. You know, before he became all bitter and twisted and driven by money.